About Me

Hi guys I’m LouLou! I started this podcast because I’m am super interested with all things true crime and creepy. I’m someone who has always had crazy experices, mostly on the creepy side of things. I can’t wait to share my love of crime with you guys!

I had plans on going to school to be a crime scene investigator, but that dream wasn’t able to ever come true, and now I’m married and have two kids and I don’t think I want to dive head first into a profession that would take me from my kids, so maybe when their older. But until then you have me here doing my podcast! This is something I can do on my free time and when my kids are asleep!

I can’t wait to bring more cases to you and to share my, and your, creepy experiences, just remember… everything we talk about and share on here should stay positive! I want your theories and comments, but let’s try to not spread hate! Thanks!