Cutthroat Cults

This podcast contain Explicit content. Listener discretion is advised.

I’ve first hand seen what a cult can do to a community. Now this particular cult has never killed anyone, at least that the public is aware of, but it is full of people who are full of judgment and rude. They very much believe their way is the right way and it’s crazy to see how this cult reacts around people who question what they are preaching.

Cults nonetheless are a very creepy thing. They are filled with people who believe in one thing, that can turn to be evil. This series will usually have 2 episodes, because as much as I would love to, I cannot go into depth about every person involved in the cult, whether they wanted to be involved or not, and so we will mostly go into depth on the leaders, and those that have a bigger role in the cults. We will also go more into their crimes and downfall, if they have one.