Deadly Doctors

This podcast contain Explicit content. Listener discretion is advised.

When my father was dying of cancer I remember the one thing he use to tell my mother, Doctor Kevorkian was as saint, not a murder. And now as an adult thinking about that gave me chills. My father was given a few months before the cancer would take over, and it was making him sicker and sicker every day. He was ready for it to end and would have used the services of Doctor Kevorkian, who by the way is a man we will cover on this podcast, because he wanted the pain to end. 

But not all doctors are as controversial as Doctor Kevorkian. A lot of the ones we will cover will be no doubt murderers, even if they felt like they were saving their patients from pain. This series I will try to make 2 episodes or more, because I do feel like there’s a lot of information about these doctors and how their minds work.  We go to the doctors to get healed, we trust the nurses and doctors surrounding us to make the correct decisions and for us to leave the hospital better than when we got there. But some doctors get into this profession just to murder.