Jack Kevorkian

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Doctor death or Doctor savior. There are a lot of conflicting feelings on this man and what he did. Jack Kevorkian assisted more than 100 patients to die on their own terms. They claimed to be  terminally ill and couldn’t live on. Today we talk about the actions of Jack Kevorkian.

I have thought long and hard on if I wanted to cover this case, and I decided a while ago that this was my podcast and I was going to cover the cases I wanted to cover. I was discouraged a lot into posting this case because of how controversial this top is, but I knew my listeners knew how important it was to me to not spread hate. We are here to learn about different cases, controversial or not.

I am still not going to talk about my feelings on this case. I do have my own opiton but that does not matter for covering the case. I tried to be a neutral as possible while I covered this case and just layed out the facts. A lot of sources lean a lot more towards the idea that Jack was a criminal and I tried my hardest to read those and present them to you in a nutral way.

Because this is such a contraversal case I am still going to leave the comments open, but I am going to watch them closely and if anyone comments something that seems rude or angry towards Jack, his patients, or anyone else in the comments for talking about it, I will be removing those comments.

Remember we are here to spread positivity and awarenss. Not hate and judgment. Thanks!














research things to give you the most accurately covered cases possible, but I do make some mistakes and I do apologize for it. Nothing in this podcast should be taken as 100% facts and if you wish to know more about the case, I highly recommend doing your own research.

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