Jeffrey Dahmer

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Nurture vs Nature. Are some people born to kill, or are we taught to think like killers? With warning signs as early as five you’d think somebody would step in before 17 young men’s bones were used as decorations, and their flesh used as meals. The Milwaukee monster was a nightmare walking, before we even knew it. Stalking clubs for 13 years, only to be caught by A loan Polaroid. This is the story of the Milwaukee monster. Or better known as, Jeffrey Dahmer.

This is obviously more of a popular story but I still wanted to cover it. I was not aware of all the things he did to the men that fell to him until I started covering it and I am glad I did. I feel like a lot of Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims quickly become a number that Jeffrey holds onto like a trophy and that is why I wanted to try and go into more depth about this.

I know that this was a more heavy case to cover and it may have been hard for some listeners to listen to due to his more graphic nature, but I didn’t want to pretend that these things didn’t happen to the men. I didn’t want to give Jeffrey the satisfaction even in death that these were accomplishments, because they were not. They were people too.

Hopefully this case wasn’t to heavy for you guys to listen to and hopefully I was able to bring something to you that you enjoyed. Heavy cases like this don’t ever upset me but I can see how some people would get sick to their stomachs listening to this case. Remember lets keep everything in the comments positive! We are here to spread awareness! Not hate! Thanks!



Disclaimer: There could always be false information through my podcast. I do my best to research things to give you the most accurately covered cases possible, but I do make some mistakes and I do apologize for it. Nothing in this podcast should be taken as 100% facts and if you wish to know more about the case, I highly recommend doing your own research.

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