John List

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Westfield, New Jersey. December 7th, 1971 was a day many people would never forget. It was discovered a family was murdered in their home, with only their husband surviving. John List was missing, and he would remain missing for almost eighteen years.

This story really hits me different. I still cannot believe John List got away with murder for almost eighteen years! Honestly I feel like he would have gotten away with it if they couldn’t get it aired on Americas Most Wanted. He had moved on with his life, which is so cruel compared to what he did to his family. I still think about this case to this day and wonder how he managed to almost get away with murder.

Let me know what you think of this case below! I tried to dive into as much information as possible! And if I missed anything or got any facts wrong feel free to corect me! Thanks!



Disclaimer: There could always be false information through my podcast. I do my best to research things to give you the most accurately covered cases possible, but I do make some mistakes and I do apologize for it. Nothing in this podcast should be taken as 100% facts and if you wish to know more about the case, I highly recommend doing your own research.

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