Lethal Loved ones

This podcast contain Explicit content. Listener discretion is advised.

I remember listening to the case where the girl killed their best friend for slender man, and it really got me thinking. These two young kids decided they were going to murder one of their best friend, for something that didn’t even have any evidence at the time, and still doesn’t, that it is a true thing. This best friend trusted them, and followed them into the woods, where they carried it out without any doubt in their mind. Our loved ones, our husbands and our best friends can turn on us at anytime, and that’s a terrifying thing.

In this series we are going to talk about the loved ones that decided one day they were done, and instead of divorce or even just disappearing, they decided to kill. This series can range from family members, to friends, and will usually consist of two episodes. And also not cover just  murders. We may cover some stalking cases and some cases where someone just generally ruined someone else’s life. Like the main page says, this podcast goes from true crime to creepy. Everyone’s been stabbed in the back at one point, but usually it’s just a metaphorical knife, not an actual one