Lost and Looking

This podcast contain Explicit content. Listener discretion is advised.

There has been multiple times in my life someone has brought up a lost loved one or a missing friend. I have a very close friend who’s grandmother disappeared one day without a trace and they have never found her or any leads on where she could have gone. And to this day she is still missing. And I’m sure there is mystery surrounding your life as well. Even if you do not personally know someone who has gone missing I’m sure there is a friend or a family member that has a story of someone who has disappeared.

This series will focused on the missing. These cases will usually be two parts long unless I have and unusually long case. They will usually have a lot of contradicting information and confusing twists and turns because there is a tone of mystery surrounding them. The goal of these cases is to get the world out of these people who could be anywhere, dead or alive. Lets spread the word and bring them home together.