Murderous Minors

This podcast contain Explicit content. Listener discretion is advised.

When I was younger I watched my neighbor, who was seven at the time, drop her newborn sister into a pool. And the look in her eyes still haunts me to this day. She had a look of pure hate. How she didn’t care if this newborn baby was going to drown or not, and I ran across the yard and it was like slow motion as I stared into this babies eyes as it looked at me with its head underwater, I could tell it had not idea what was going on, this baby was only a couple weeks old at this point, maybe a month, it was so long ago. I yelled at my mom who ran out of her house but a fence separated us and she couldn’t get there fast enough, so I pulled the baby out; I was about nine at the time and understood some of what was going on and what happened. But I still have nightmares of it. I have never seen someone look so content with dropping a baby into the pool as she did in that moment. Now she loves her sister as they are both adults as well and it’s just a story that we don’t talk about. 

But child murderers are a scary thing. Can some children be born killers, or do they learn it? That is a debate a lot of people have, but just living that moment, I do believe that some kids are just born with that instinct. I don’t believe she knew 100% what she was doing or its consequences, but she did know that it would get rid of her baby sister, and that’s what she wanted. These cases will usually only be one episode since most of the time they only kill one or two people, and there isn’t a tone of investigation that is involved in catching the killer. Minors that kill are a creepy thing, we imagine young kids to be pure and innocent, but sometimes that’s not the case.