Peggy Sue Ellsworth

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A case can be cold for as long as 30 years, and still have a break that solves it all. The Peggy Sue Ellsworth case had been cold for so long they didn’t think there would ever be a chance to warm it back up. They had exhausted all their efforts, but came up empty handed. She was just a missing person that would be filed away and sit for years to come. Until a new home owner decided to dig up a part of their cellar 30 years later. And a skull came up.

This was my first listener requested case!

I have head of this case before, but honestly haven’t really done and research into it. This is a more local case to me, just like Kiplyn Davis. I think my obsession over the Kiplyn Davis case kind of crowded this one out of my head. But I’m glad I got the chance to research and learn about it!

It definitely got my mind racing, could they be connected in some way, and lets be honest. Some of that could be just the fact that they were so close together. It really gets your mind racing though, what if they are connected some how. This was such a fun case to cover, and its definitely got my brain racing again, this time about both cases!

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research things to give you the most accurately covered cases possible, but I do make some mistakes and I do apologize for it. Nothing in this podcast should be taken as 100% facts and if you wish to know more about the case, I highly recommend doing your own research.

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