The Tool Box Killers

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“Halloween morning for some revolves around makeup and fake blood, and others treat it like any other day, beginnings with morning jog. I can only imagine how enjoyable a jog would be on Halloween morning, checking out all those creepy decorations, from fake spiders to that body on someone’s lawn that looked eerily real.”

I’ve heard of this case so many times, and every time it still churns my stomach. The amount of planning these men put into to try and prevent getting caught. It makes me wonder if they wouldn’t have ditched a body to be discovered on Halloween Morning, if they would have ever gotten caught.

I’m glad they finally did, their crimes and treating of their victims was steadily getting worse and worse, It makes me wonder how cruel they would have gotten if they would not have made their mistakes and gotten caught. The Tool Box killers were one of the worse kinds of criminals. I hope their story makes you think about who you get into a car with on Halloween, be carful out there, and happy Halloween!

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research things to give you the most accurately covered cases possible, but I do make some mistakes and I do apologize for it. Nothing in this podcast should be taken as 100% facts and if you wish to know more about the case, I highly recommend doing your own research.

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